About us

We strive to bring our guests closer to nature and nature closer to our guests.

Willochra Farm was born out of a shared vision, to shape a life together that provided our ‘future family’ with space to explore and grow in a home surrounded by all that nature has to offer. It was in late 2016, on a 48-acre property, complete with an off-grid ‘shanty shack’ in the back blocks of the small town of Keyneton, nestled on the border of the Barossa and Mid Murray, where we found our own piece of paradise. Fast forward five years and our visions for the property are slowly becoming a reality.

With zero farming experience between us, we are embarking on a journey in learning how to work with, rather than against, nature. We have learnt to view our home and garden as a work in progress, as we learn to create an agriculturally productive ecosystem that has the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. Our goal is to create a ‘permaculture home garden’, to eventually provide an ongoing food source for ourselves. and the guests of our farm.

Our future plans involve expanding our accommodation offering to include 3  glamping tents and camp sites with communal barbeque area, fire pits and sustainable toilet facility (aka long drop).

We also have exciting future eco-friendly projects that we are designing, such as an organically grown vineyard, fruit orchards and farming a small number of sheep (using a crop rotation system). In today’s ever-changing society, our goal is to become less reliant on out-sourcing our food and produce almost all we need in our own backyard.

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